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Xtreme Aerodynamics Hammer

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UltraLight - Acrescimo 2€

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Team Magic E4RS4

After 2 years with the E4RS III and E4RS III Plus, and many successes, it's the time to switch to the E4RS4 !

Indeed, after the multiple places in ETS A-finale, and the numerous national titles obtained in multiple categories by the Team Magic drivers, we radically improved and revised our platform by creating the all new E4RS4 !

More steering, more corner speed, more agility, more predictable handling, for more and more success and victories !!

Price €450.00

Team Magic E4JSII

At Team Magic we don't think only to the top competitors, but also about the club racers and casual drivers, who race for pleasure and friendly competition without having to pay out excessive sums to have high quality material nor have to spend hours of maintenance between two days of training.

For these drivers, we have created the E4JS II which is based on the ultra performant E4RS II and E4RS II Evo platforms, which have already more that proven their ability in competition.

Price €160.00

Set de Pneus Matrix...

After months of testing with some of the best drivers in the world, and thanks to the collaboration with one of the leading companies in the plastic materials sector, we have developed a new extremely light, rigid and performing material, deriving from the aerospace sector, where weight and material performance have a fundamental importance.

The "PRECISON" rims, provides to the car an unmatched ease of driving, precision and consistency, makes the model very smooth.

Maximum of advantage is obtained on very rubberized tracks and with the use of the additive.

Price €25.50